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Comprehensive maintenance package that covers all aspects.

What is Web maintenance?

There is a constant need of keeping a website updated to keep it secured and bug-free. Whether you have recently developed a website, you will still require maintenance as the technology changes swiftly. The internet could have a bunch of false codes to take your website down; hence, to keep it safe from such harmful attacks, we help you to provide proper maintenance of your website. Our team keeps up the good work by controlling and managing the result or rather upgrading it with time when needed.


Why do you need web maintenance services?

Now that you have gone through the list of losses, you may consider the need for web maintenance services without any explanation. However, to give you a brief of having maintenance necessity, there are fewer chances of any wrong taking place, which can cause you in the red. To avoid such events to come into existence, Sam Concepts performs regular analysis and updates the site accordingly.

Your website is no contradictory to the others. Once you have developed it, you necessitate calling us for maintenance. It has the requirement to be serviced on a regular basis. When undergoing the maintenance process, we may be able to do replacements of some parts from time to time or upgrade it if it is the foundation to look drained. With the lack of regular attention, it may break and you need to get it repaired quickly. To take you out from all the fussy maintenance situations, Sam Concepts Creativity will pass you the hand and pull you up will all possible solutions.

Why pick Sam Concepts Creativity for web maintenance?

Because we live and work in a digital world, websites become the identity of your trademark or organization. Website maintenance is a fundamental requirement for all businesses, regardless of size or business industry. It is a secondary matter that whether your business is profitable or not, no matter what, when professionals perform surveillance, site and the data remains safe.

  • Experienced professional to maintain and manage your website
  • High-reliability factor
  • Keeping customers updated along with your website
  • Constant practice of new updates and installations
  • Making your website error-free in the least possible time
  • Active backend managers for constant inspection
  • Budget-friendly plans depending on the size of your website

Our Maintenance Package Includes.

  • Daily Website database backups
  • General maintenance
  • Technical support
  • Annual hosting of your website
  • Updating the WordPress platform
  • Checking for new plugins
  • Installing updated plugins
  • Resolving any plugin errors and compatibility requirements
  • Adjusting current plugin functionalities
  • Resolve any errors that may prevent website functional performance
  • Security management
  • Monitoring the website for potential hacking
  • Monitoring the website for any access attempts
  • Proactively managing threats by blocking IP’s and other relevant procedures
  • If the website is hacked we will resolve/remove the hacked area
  • Pro-active management
  • Bi-weekly login to perform housekeeping
  • Content management assistance

With our maintenance package you can have peace of mind that your website is being taken care of and that you have the full support of a professional team that if working to keep your website updated and functioning error free.

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